About Us

Van Venture was created to give you the experience of living on the open road, giving you the freedom to travel, eat and sleep wherever your heart takes you.  Whilst on your journey you will live in our luxury Volkswagen T5.1 fully converted campervan. 


Our van comes with a mass of features to keep you comfortable, entertained and most of all, give you an experience you will treasure, wherever your van-venture takes you!

Don't wait around for tomorrow, start your van-venture today!


noun [C or U]

EN - van-ven-cher

1. An exciting and unforgettable travelling experience

2. Freedom to travel and sleep wherever you choose

3. A road trip with endless possibilities

Examples of 'van-venture' in a sentence

1. The family returned from an amazing van-venture weekend.

2. Tom & Kat were excited to experience their first van-venture.

3. The destination was unknown, but they knew it would be a van-venture.

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NC500 Achmelvich Beach
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